Susan Castillo & Constellations

The new Featured Writer is Susan Castillo whose  latest pamphlet Constellations is published by Three Drops from a Cauldron.   This is Three Drops’ first single author publication and what a beauty it is. Congratulations to editor, Kate Garrett who writes on the back, ‘Constellations is a sequence of twelve poems centred around the myths of the western zodiac. From Aries to Pisces, Susan Castillo Street gives us tales of deities and heroes (warts and all) in a stunning contemporary voice.’

It is being launched on Mon, April 4th in Sheffield so it is steaming hot off the press. I love the humour and erudition of the three poems Susan kindly sent me.  Here’s the dramatic and erotically-charged ending of Leo for instance,

‘Down below, women look up, sigh,
dream of that celestial rain of fire,
that glittering roar.’

There is wit and balance in these very sensuous  poems and I imagine Susan must have a strong sense of humour which she gives free rein to in this pamphlet. Taurus starts, ‘He was such a comely gentle bull.’

Carole Bromley writes, “Like all the best ideas you wonder why no-one has thought of this before. Here is a sequence structured around the signs of the zodiac; intelligent, witty, quietly knowledgeable, by turns tender and sexy, Susan Castillo Street’s poems are a delight. She breathes life into ancient myths and her gods are so alive with their 21st century language, you half expect them to leap from the page.”

Just admire this cover as well:


About Rebecca Gethin

Rebecca Gethin is a poet and a novelist. Cinnamon Press published her third collection, All the Time in the World in 2017. Another pamphlet is forthcoming with Three Drops Press. Her second novel, What the horses heard, was published by Cinnamon Press in May 2014. Her second poetry collection - A Handful of Water - was published by Cinnamon in 2013. Her first - River is the Plural of Rain - was published by Oversteps Books in 2009. Her novel Liar Dice won the Cinnamon Press Novel Writing Award in 2010 and was published in 2011. She lives on Dartmoor and writes occasional pieces about wildlife and nature. Her poems appear in a variety of poetry magazines and in several anthologies.
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2 Responses to Susan Castillo & Constellations

  1. Stella Wulf says:

    Best of luck to Susan and Kate – I’m sure it’ll be a roaring success.

  2. E.E. Nobbs says:

    What fantastic re-tellings these poems are! Great concept. Beautiful cover. And I love the name of Susan’s blog, which I intend to keep an eye on now – “The Salamander and the Raven”.

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