Thrilled to bits to announce that my next pamphlet will be published by Maytree Press later this year. More news later!  All my Alpine poems will be gathered together.

Fathom has just been published by Marble Poetry.   There’s a reason it’s this arsenic-green colour!  It’s only £3.00 and is envelope-size.  There’s more info and a sample poem here.

Vanishings is now published by Palewell Press. You can read more about it here and press top left for the bookshop.

Vanishings - front cover

Chris Waters wrote, ”

congratulations on a really lovely collection – or should I say a menagerie? I love the energy and observation at work, the delicious word-play – and the way you bring each creature into presence for us your readers  (a sort of rescuing from its vanishing …)
I have many favourites – and will keep coming back to them…”.

Very proud indeed to be published by Palewell Press  where the team “believes in building a sustainable world that can support itself and all its peoples, in which they share equally and are protected from abuse and injustice.”

From their website:  “Vanishings evokes not only the elusiveness of wild creatures in their habitats, under cover most of the time, but also their inexorable extinction, evicted by human encroachment from their ancestral habitats. Rebecca Gethin lives on Dartmoor and conjures wild animals with an almost maternal empathy, tenderly observant and knowledgeable of their habits and hiding places. Though she engages with themes of transience and fragility, each animal, be it the better-known hedgehog and cuckoo, or the less familiar violet ground beetle and narrow-headed ant, is vividly present on the page. Rebecca’s poems are complemented by Tom Harding’s delightful illustrations.”

Vanishings launches online on Thurs, July 30th.   Let me know if you want the link to the Zoom reading. (You can order it direct from this page.)  

Coast to Coast to Coast published Messages in Feb, 2019. This pamphlet was a limited edition, hand-stitched publication and was a prize winner in Coast to Coast’s first single-author pamphlet competition, won by Jane Lovell with Forbidden The launch was in Liverpool in Feb.


A Sprig of Rowan was published by Three Drops Press.  You can read more about A Sprig here.   Penelope Shuttle wrote:  ‘We are taken on an elemental and magical journey rich in colour, close observation and lovely active language. A beautiful collection.’

Also reviewed here by Mat Riches on Sphinx.

You can buy this from me @£6.00 plus a bit for postage.  (If you happen to buy this and All the Time in the World (see below) I’ll give you a discount! )

‘delicate throughout with a light magic in all the right places’ – Chris Waters.


All the time in the world was published in Feb 2017 by Cinnamon Press. To read more about it look here and Susan Jordan wrote a very generous review here on her website, The Belated Writer.

all the time in the world

This is my second novel –


You can find it here    or order from me  ( find Contact Me) as my copies are cheaper than anyone else’s!  

Exquisitely observed, this highly charged and affecting novel takes us on an epic journey with larger than life characters and animals that experienced extraordinary brutality during a devastating war, along the way asserting the importance of individual stories against a backdrop of loss on an enormous scale. Humane, poignant and gripping, What the horses heard is a must-read novel for the centenary of World War I.

There are more reviews here

The cover is a painting, Rider by the Shore, by Anthony Amos.

A Handful of Water

“Every poem turns up sudden surprises, wonderful delights. It’s like reading a pool, beneath which there is a delirium of movement and feeling. The assurance is startling. If you want a journey into the unknown, read A Handful of Water. It’s utterly stunning.”  Bill Greenwell.  Available from Cinnamon Press, Inpress, Amazon …or from me.

A Handful of Water- Rebecca Gethin- Books

Here’s a link to an “interview” with me about this book on Caroline Davies’ blog

Liar Dice (2011)

published by Cinnamon Press

“Gethin links present and past, the displayed and the concealed, fantasy and longing in this bittersweet tale of a woman’s growth towards self-knowledge… rooted in the rich soil of others’ lives, their dreams and their sacrifices, as generation follows generation. Compassionately imagined – Liar Dice is an engaging exploration of memory and identity.”Maria McCann

Only e-book are available from Amazon

The last few paper copies are available from me.

River is the Plural of Rain (2009)

published by Oversteps Books

“Gethin’s poems have a dark mineral atmosphere that is somehow never oppressive but offers a softness, and a light, a way out of the bleak.”

Greta Stoddart

but might well be out-of-print now.


I’m inspired by places and the stories of people and creatures that lie just below the surfaces of things: beneath the stones, along the coast, up muddy estuaries and in paths leading across the moors or into the mountains. My poems are mainly set in Ireland, Italy and here on Dartmoor as well as other places I visit from time to time.
My blog page is Dartmoor Diary.

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  1. elly says:

    I love your new site, Becky. I’ve subscribed. Thanks.

  2. Wendy Klein says:

    Go Becky — LIar Dice got better and better, and finished brilliantly! x

  3. Maria says:

    I like the picture, Becky – is it your own?

    • It’s by Cecil Collins; Artist in the Landscape and is taken from the cover of River is the Plural of Rain.
      The painting is at High Cross House, Dartington and belongs to the Tate who gave permission.

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