Pine marten in Vanishings

Thank you so much to all the lovely people who came to the launch of Vanishings. It was both delightful and daunting to see so many people from different parts of my life and it is the wonder of Zoom that we can get together like this… thank you, one and all..

What went wrong was the showing of my poetry-film! So I am putting it here so you can see it if you like. I had rehearsed this many times over but, on the night, it would not reveal itself. It got me in a bit of a tizz! The film has some faults as I am not adept at film technology to put it right (I use Filmora 9 fyi) but basically the pics aren’t superb as I am not a professional with a massive camera and I was so excited to see the pine marten who stars in my film I was shaking.

After Camilla Reeve of Palewell Press had found the most perfect picture to design the book’s cover I wanted to follow that up with the film of the pine marten so here it is. Hope this works!

This pine marten was seen on the shores of Loch Sunart on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula last year. I had researched where we would see pine martens and two arrived every night and so I often had sleepless nights. In the garden there was also a herd of red deer and the rutting stag was bellowing outside the window every dawn.

Coming soon!

And here is the text of the poem:


A squall in the branches: a dash

of sunset with spine-splitting teeth

and grip-scoring claws. 

A concertina of a creature

like incarnated ferocity

pours itself along pathways

of branches and trunk

out to dominions of scent

where nose is a state of being.  

Nothing escapes needle-eyes,

ear-flick.  Every hair of the coat

is primed to intuit forecasts

of threat and intention

With a pelage so deep and sweet

they’ve been skinned many times over. 

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Launch of Vanishings

You are warmly invited to Palewell Press’ online launch of “Vanishings” by Rebecca Gethin and “Elemental” by Michael Tanner

Time: Jul 30, 2020 07:00 PM London time     

Please try to join by 06:50 pm so there’s time to admit everyone from the virtual waiting room if you can but no worries really!   

To join Zoom Meeting, click this link 

You probably won’t need this but just in case:Meeting ID: 893 9990 2600Password: 981480

More info here on publisher’s website. You can order from Palewell Press or from me.

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